A bracelet that fits!

This past year has been challenging for me on so many levels. One of my biggest challenges has been trying to keep my son safe from the foods that he's allergic too. Teaching our family and friends has been challenging as well. Some don't get it and really don't understand the severity of it. Preschool was another challenge, well mainly for me. Just making sure no one forgets and to avoid any accident I stay during lunch time to make sure my son gets the right meals and snacks. Yes call me Crazy Mom but like I said some ppl just don't get it.

Although my son knows he can not eat certain things he's just not vocally confident in telling his teachers. Shyness comes in to play when he needs to speak up. I'm praying this up coming school year in Pre K4 he will over come that. In the mean time I have searched and ordered different allergy bracelets and all were to big. The small size would just slip off my sons wrist. Wish stores would carry them more often in different variety so moms like me can try them on before buying. After searching my sister in law found a brand that is carried by the Path Mark Pharmacy. But of course its hit or miss because they run out pretty quickly! Lol anyhow I was able to snatch one up and lord behold IT FITS!!! Not only is it comfortable for him but its also in his favorite color RED!!! The cost was 7.99 and I was able to try on before purchasing!!! We need more brands and variety in stores. It would really help moms like me versus ordering them online. Plus it's difficult to get one that has all the allergies on it so with this one you can just write them in. Check out the link: http://www.mediband.com.au/

Blog frustrations!

So after trying to publish my first blog 3 times everything was deleted!!! Talk about frustration. So I guess I will make myself some tea and try this again in the morning!